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Toys from birth to 3 months as educational gift ideas

Child early development is very important. From the first day of life, the baby knows how to communicate with the mother and how to express his/her needs. Until the 3 month, the face expression and body language are the main factors which form the basis of emotional and social development. After coming into this world baby suddenly has a lot of new aspects around including different noisiness, odour and space. So what kind of toys from birth to 3 months can be used? In this article, we will try to guide you a bit.


What is essential in education in the first month of life? Sense Development!


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In the first month is very important to support child development and keep your baby feeling safe. The main task for parents is to help baby communicate with the outside world. Parents voice, intonation and touches are reflecting on the emotional states of the baby, so you need to provide gentle and careful treatment. Each mother subconsciously educates her child by taking care of him/her and by satisfying all basic needs. Regular feeding, bathing, diaper changing – all contain many different and educational stimuli. What is very important to remember is the emotional state of a mother as based on it will be formed the pillar of relationship.

Providing a different kind of visual, auditory, tactile and emotional stimuli is the key to baby sense development. Parents need to follow three main principles:

  1. First of all, you have to provide adequate quantities of appropriate sensory stimuli of various kinds.
  2. Secondly, it is very important to support some special abilities of sight and hearing. By listening to certain sounds and watching or seeing toys on a short distance your baby will be able to learn how to perceive things by sight
  3. Let the child know that the stimulus is announcing and signifying something.

All the stimuli we provide to the baby in the first month of life must be meticulously and slowly. If the toys appear suddenly and violently it may cause a fear. Also, violent movements or rough grip similarly will cause negative emotional responses.

Two-month-old baby development – Vision & Hearing.

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In this month the main developing senses are vision and hearing. Because macula is still immature the peripheral vision works. Macula matures in the 3rd month of the child’s life.

The main principles of child development:

a) Motivate your baby to grab colourful, shiny objects that move, changes or rhythmically appear and disappear.

b) The interest of the child increases if he/she has the opportunity to participate in changing the subject, for example by banging or turning.

c) When children are learning to follow a moving object, it is important to be methodical and not chaotic: we slowly increase not only the speed of the subject but also the extent of the movement. At first, the child turns his head about 60 °, later by 180 °.

d) We ensure that the child has always something to look at, but keep in mind that no object is interesting for a long time.

e) The vision develops in relation to other senses that’s why the child must not only see, but also hear, touch or taste.

f) Surely the most interesting object for baby are people – therefore, the child should be in frequent contact with other people.

Three-month-old baby development – time to have fun!

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In the third month of life, the baby is greatly motivated to receive stimuli from her surroundings. He is open to everything that comes to him. However, not all stimuli are interested in the same way and extent. Initial experiences can curb or reinforce the inborn curiosity of the baby. Therefore, it is very important for a child to have a positive stimulus. Baby moves become smoother and smoother compared to newborn moves. And they are also more targeted and deliberate.

By the end of the third month of life, the baby learns how to control the movements of the head. At the time of awakening, the head holds in the middle position. This month is also interesting because the baby discovers his hands and realize that one hand often catches the other. This is a very important development step. Soon after, the baby begins to discover his hands with eyes as well. Due to that, he will quickly start grasping the toys or objects with the goal to discover them.

At the end of the third month, the baby learns how to control the muscles of the upper torso. Some children can turn from the lying on their backs to their side. In the third month, the baby fixes the subject with both eyes and can also watch a fast moving thing in all directions. The movements of the eyes are accompanied by the movement of the head. He can find the sound source and turns his head where the sound comes from.

Here are few tips on how to stimulate the child’s activity:


Parents can do a chaotic stimulation – that’s mean to show to the baby several toys at once without showing what can be done with them. You will see how motivated baby is, to discover the toys himself.

Another type of stimulation is stimulation with the overwhelming manipulation by another person. Parents manipulate with the toy and do not let the child do what he wants. It forces him to do what they find fit.

Stimulation with the option of uncontrolled and spontaneous activity. This means that parents will leave toys within reachable distance and let the baby play with it as long as he wishes.

Finally, there is a variable stimulation. This is a kind of stimulation with the possibility of self-activity. Parents can show the toy and what can be done with it. Once the baby takes the toy and start playing parent have to support his activity.

So which toys from birth to 3 months are good and useful?


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First of all – toys that encourage baby’s earlier visual tracking and helps to stimulate visual development. First months baby sees for the distance 18-40 cm. Suitable toys are:


Secondly – toys that encourage early grasping skills we also call them hand-held toys. Colourful toys will help your baby develop tactile sensitivity & will teach about variety. It can be for example:


Finally, the toys that support the physical development and motor skills. When children begin to perceive moving objects through their eyes, they automatically support other physical developments such as a hand and eye cooperation. Colours and different shapes attract baby’s attention.


Whether you are searching for useful information about toys from birth to 3 months or just some inspiration for the useful gift for baby. Mentioned steps of child development are the keys for choosing the right thing at right time. Remember that parents tend to be more overhelmed by baby objects and stimulus that they should, which is not good. Playing with a baby or introducing to new toys or objects should be adequate and appropriate.

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