star wars gifts for men

Unique Star Wars gifts for men.

“A long time ago in a galaxy far far away”

If you are a fan of star wars then you probably recite that line few times when you hear the words star wars. Set 40 years ago, it’s incredible that the film still creates headlines and touches hearts. Today more than ever you will see star wars fans with star wars themed gifts. Talk of the best gift for a star wars fan and it might probably be a stormtrooper decanter or a star wars themed mat. If your man is a star wars fan then you can help him embrace his dark side. Have a look at our recommended selection of star wars gifts for men.

Why star wars?

Star Wars was set in 1977. But up to today the film still strikes a chord among its fans like no other films has ever before. There were other films produced at the same with star wars that attempted to have similar synergies with star wars yet star wars managed to win the hearts of many. Evidently, the initial audiences of stars were hungry for what would be offered by the much-anticipated film.

Surprisingly the film delivered what no one had expected. In an era where everyone was looking for an escape, the films escapism gave them a channel that would take them to a galaxy far far away.

It is no wonder that many men fell in love with it. An surely they are still filled with awe when they see the star wars themed gifts for men. The film presents a paradox that is enough to quench the thirst of curious men. Who wouldn’t want to be lost in a film that seems completely new yet exceptionally familiar?

Top star wars gifts for men

It may be challenging to get the perfect gifts for men. But if he is a fan of star wars then you are one step closer to finding him the perfect gift. Whether it’s a lover, father, son, uncle friend or cousin getting them a customized gift is the best option you would go for. It would be more thrilling to go for customized star wars gifts for men just to make that special person happy. Star Wars gifts for men give them a chance to embrace their inner selves and their love for star wars. Whether it’s a Jedi Leia and fans of Luke the assorted gifts for men have everything that any fan of star wars would wish for.

MalloMe Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water & Coffee Cup

This is a six-piece set of a vacuum insulated tumbler, which is a perfect choice to carry hot or cold beverages for outdoor trips. Crafted elegantly with stainless steel walls and an insulation that can store ice for 24 hours and hot drinks for 12 hours, this can be an ideal gift for anyone.

star wars gifts for men

Star Wars Socks Collection

These are great looking socks with some of the most iconic Star Wars characters designed on them. The package consists of 4 pairs with different personages: R2, Chewie, Darth and a Storm Trooper. Any fan is sure to love it.

star wars gifts for men

Star Wars R2-D2 Oven Mitts & Apron Set

This an officially licensed apron modelled after the beloved character of R2-D2 and will definitely make any Star Wars fan fall in love with it. This unit is sized for adults and is made from cotton fabric with R2- D2 gloves included in it as well. So allow the droid to keep a fan safe and sound in the kitchen.

star wars gifts for men

Star Wars Darth Vader Stein – Collectible 22oz Ceramic Mug with Metal Hinge

This is an officially licensed Darth Vader beer mug designed to capture the fascination of any Star Wars fan. It comes with a ceramic base and has a well-designed lid with a metal hinge. This can be the perfect gift for a Star Wars loving friend on his birthday.

star wars gifts for men

Star Wars R2D2 Talking Cookie Jar

This cookie jar is an ideal gift for any Star Wars fan and the best part is that it makes trademark R2-D2 beeping sounds once the lid is opened. This is a licensed product made of plastic and is ideal for storing any food. It runs on LR44 batteries and the cute design will surely make kids, as well as adults, love it.

star wars gifts for men

Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader Premium Electronic Helmet

This helmet is designed based on the movie. It is one of the best star wars gifts for men, providing them with a taste of the dark side. It has been made with collector grade precision for role-playing and can even replicate the dreaded breathing sound of Darth Vader.

star wars gifts for men

3D Illusion Star Wars Night Light, Three Pattern and 7 Color Change Decor Lamp

This is another great gift item for Star Wars fans as well as for kids and good to use in bedrooms or study rooms. It has three patterns based on iconic Star Wars figures and each of them has seven colours.

The next set of listed products are luxury items meant exclusively for die-hard Star Wars fans


star wars gifts for men

SWAROVSKI Star Wars – Darth Vader

One of the most iconic villains of the universe has been crafted strikingly in black crystal with 551 facets along with the lightsabre. This is an ideal gift for teenage fans as well as adults.

star wars gifts for men

SWAROVSKI Star Wars – Stormtrooper Helmet, L.E.

This helmet can be the best decorative gift for a Star Wars fan. This exclusive collector’s item has been handcrafted elegantly with 19100 crystals making it a true masterpiece.

star wars gifts for men


Memorigin Star Wars Series Darth Vader Limited Edition Tourbillon Watch

This is a limited edition watch with a Darth Vader embossment on it. It is designed with 18 jewels including 11 black diamonds and a ruby as the indexes.

expensive star wars gifts

Custom Designed Death Star Fire Pit

This is a classic design made out of carbon steel and capable of withstanding up to 2000 degrees. It is precision cut, giving the perfect representation of Death Star, which a true fan will surely admire.

expensive star wars gifts


40 years ago people watched star wars out of curiosity and a need to escape. Today, the franchise of the film has been subject to evolution. The film is still a way of escaping reality and thanks to history; it is spiced with remembrance, only that the remembrance is different. A long time ago the audience remembered an unfashionable film culture. Today the fans of star wars watch it simply to remember star wars. The star wars gifts for men are thus the perfect way of keeping the need of a person to remember and to escape from reality undiminished. The legacy of star wars goes on and on.


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