Handmade fabric dolls

Handmade Fabric Dolls – Original Gift Idea For Any Occasion.

Handmade fabric dolls! Just look at this beauty! I tell you something when I found those lovely dolls; I could not believe they are handmade. How perfect they are! How much tenderness and love they show.

Nowadays, on this earth, there are a lot of creative people. Day by day, you can find more and more original things and gifts. Just imagine from a piece of fabric can appear this beautiful masterpiece.

Actually, those handmade fabric dolls belong to the Tilda family. The creator of the Tilda brand is a young lady – Tone Finnanger (1999). A very talented designer from Norway started creating Tilda dolls, producing different materials for creativity and interior design and as well as writing books. Under her authorship has been released an extensive collection of books in various languages. She gave a possibility to hundreds of artist to use her patterns for sewing dolls and for creating many accessories for them.

Ragdolls as a gift for Girls

Girls and dolls, best friends forever. There are so many models of handmade fabric dolls in this world. I can bet that for parents it can be challenging to choose the right one. Each handmade doll has her personality, her own “soul”. For girls, handmade fabric dolls are the number one gift.

I remember how happy I was when my mom bought me the first handmade doll. Compare to nowadays creations it was quite simple, but I loved her so much! Believe it or not, I still have that doll. And if you ask me, you don’t need to be a child to have a doll; you can have any doll you want at any age. Even if you will buy your teenage 16 years old daughter original doll, she will love it and will keep nearby her heart.

Handmade dolls as a wedding gift

What about bringing back old traditions? Did you know that, for example, in Russia a long time back handmade dolls were an essential gift for many occasions? For example to get pregnant, lucky, for well-being and of course for the wedding. The wedding couple of handmade fabric dolls was a symbol of strong family union. Now like a hundred years ago, the tradition of giving dolls as a gift has been preserved. You can even make dolls yourself with a wish for just married couple never to be separated.

I think that handmade dolls are a very original gift idea for the wedding. I must say that people forgot about how to give unique gifts. If you are excellent friends than a couple in the shape of dolls should be an ideal gift for the newly married. Indeed, you must find perfect dolls appropriate to the personality of the newly married. So yes, dolls can be a wedding gift. Wedding couple of handmade dolls it is not just a beautiful decoration, they often become part of the family. They will always remind a married couple of that special day.

Original gift idea for different occasions

Easter, Halloween or Christmas – yes, is that time of the year. What should we buy for Christmas this year? Last year we purchased books two years ago we bought clothes, but this year. I can bet that you don’t have any idea about what gift to buy this year for your mom, for your partner, for your friends etc. Have you ever thought at a doll as a gift? If not, now you found the perfect gift. Handmade dolls are some simple things, but they can bring happiness to the eyes of those you give them. Just think about how happy and amused those people will be because of a simple handmade doll. Even if it a nonsense thing, I can say that this nonsense thing can become a great thing.

Dolls as a home decoration.

Each of us has a passion, but not necessarily an explanation for it. You know that when you like doing something, you do it. If you ask yourself why you want to do this, it’s a wrong question at first. It’s like having an explanation for all the little things you have in the house. Why do you have them? Because you like it! I see these dolls as desktop decoration at work, on bookshelves, next to the flower pots, as an accessory to the backpack or the keys to the house. But I see them as original gifts for dear friends, mainly because girls can make beautiful arrangements. A doll as a decoration is a perfect thing. You can find a lot of handmade fabric dolls on the internet, and they will match your personality and your home.


The conclusion is that the handmade fabric doll can be an original gift idea for someone or even for you. The first things made by hands are the most beautiful things that will remain in history. Handmade fabric dolls are unique stuff for a family, for a child or a newly married couple. Should stay like this every time.

8 thoughts on “Handmade Fabric Dolls – Original Gift Idea For Any Occasion.”

  1. Hi, I have just stumbled across this page after searching for unique wedding gifts, and I Love the husband and wife dolls! 😀 The fact that they are personal to the receiver is great for me as I wanted something one of a kind. This is definitely top of my list at the moment of unique gifts for my up and coming wedding. Many thanks for the idea!

    1. Hi Louise,

      thank you very much for your comment.

      I’m so happy to inspire you :). I’m more than sure, this gift can greatly please a newly married couple.
      The best things about handmade fabric dolls are that they have their own personality and uniqueness.

      I used to make tilda dolls as well, mainly for my sweet daughter and of course her friends around. It is never possible to make two same dolls there will be always slightly different.

      In case you have any questions I will be happy to answer then

      Have a nice day


  2. My goodness what beautiful hand made gifts. These dolls are gorgeous. I would defiantly be passing this site along to my friends so they can get something really special for their children or friends. I also think my 2 year old son would just love one of these. He has a thing about twisting my hair in his fingers at nap time, I think it settles him, and he plays with mine all the time. These dolls have lovely long hair for him to play with. A wonderful recommendation.

    1. Hi Mary,

      thank you very much for leaving a comment on my site.

      I am very pleased you like this gift idea.

      My 5 years old daughter is in love with handmade dolls (I have made for her already 5 different dolls ). The best as you have mentioned are dolls with long hair 🙂 she is combing them and making different hairstyle.

      However, for your little son, I won’t recommend exactly those type of dolls. My 10-month-old son actually loves them as well because of hair, but when I see him grabbing the doll, oh my god :D… You can imagine what he does LOL. I try to supplement it with another one, made from plush 🙂

      In near future, I am planning to write one more post about handmade dolls/toys suitable for boys as well.

      Will be glad to inspire you more.

      If you have any questions please feel free to post them 🙂

      Have a beautiful day


  3. You know for me, when I give gifts to people, I always try to make them something. Your website is very helpful on how to make a handmade doll. It’s very cute! I hope to make a special someone with the help of your website’s guidance. Keep up the great work!


    1. Hi Ralph,

      I am very pleased that you have visited my site.

      Actually, to make the dolls is quite easy if you have proper instruction and materials 🙂

      In near future, I am planning to post a lot of useful information on making gifts yourself 🙂

      Thank you for your kind post and wish you a nice day


  4. Andy Zeus Anderson

    What a unique talent Ms. Finnanger has. These Tilda dolls are spectacular and very beautiful. I am intrigued by them and their quality and stunning attention to detail. It’s hard to find a Millennial with such astute interest and dedication to craft leaving Tone in an elite class among people her age. Thanks for sharing such a great review of the Tilda Dolls.

    1. Thank you very much for the comment Andy, I am very delighted with your feedback. I absolutely agree with your opinion in regards to handmade work nowadays. However, I think soon it will be a new trend. I have already discovered many interesting products including luxury jewellery, crochet carpets and leather bags. Crafts are simply incredible. 

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