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Educational toys for kids and it’s importance

More often than not, every child of the current generation has listened to the stories of their grandparents about their younger days without technology and having to make do with what they had! Even when it comes to toys, the earlier generation wasn’t far too privileged.

The present generation is nothing less than blessed to have gadgets and gizmos of such standard that every kid is exposed to a better standard of learning skills and higher IQ. Why are educational toys for kids important nowadays? Science and technology have become part and parcel of every household. There runs a close parallel between the wants of today and need of the hour. However, the transition did not happen overnight and to understand the significance in its true sense, the entire spectrum of the journey of toys needs to be taken into consideration.

Toys back in the day

Plastic was not a common material until the later years of 1900. Toys were largely made of wood, clay, and a combination of other such materials. Dolls and teddy bear would be made of cloth and wool. But even in those times, the toys would serve the purpose of instilling religious or tribe ideas in the children. They would be theme based and promote cultural ideas of the region along with moral values. However, they were never interactive created hindrance in the creative development of a child. The use and purpose of the toys were limited as compared to the present day.


What are educational toys for kids good for?

Physical development.

Social & Emotional development

Intelectual development

Language development

Visual development

Early childhood is the best time in the entire lifespan of an individual for his psychological development. Engaging and playing with toys is the best source of opening gates of a new world for them. Children broaden their imagination, increase their skill sets and generate better IQ. Playing with toys is a full body experience. Not only brain functions get stronger, the muscle strength, hand-eye coordination, speech recognition and vocabulary building also takes place. An effort as tiny as dressing a doll helps a child develop his/ her conversational skills and learn to fashion a sense of keeping themselves presentable.

Children find a sense of independence by playing and getting to decide their own rules. They get ready for the future sibling and learn behavior skills such as sharing and caring amongst friends and cousins. Safe and hygienic toys contribute to building a confident and secure environment for the growth of children.

Age-appropriate toys for kids

Handmade dollsThe main factor for choosing a toy is age!

0 – 3 month

3 – 6 month

6 – 12 month

12 – 18 month

18 – 36 month

3 – 6 years

6 – 9 years

from 9 years

Global competitive layout

With the fast-moving development in science and technology, people hardly stopping to catch a breath and children of today’s age are forced to keep up. They have to be smart to be prepared for the cut-throat competition ahead. Teens being the most susceptible to crumble under pressure and inferiority complex, an early mental and physical conditioning of children has almost become a must for every parent.

Life of earlier generation was easier in this case. Parents today are under the pressure to provide kid something extra from the regular. Something more from the obvious and something out of the way for the child to excel. Educational toys come to a rescue in such case for the kids and they are nothing short of “gift for kids” from science. The need of the hour is to mentor a child right from the beginning. The innovative and interactive skill learning with the help of brain stimulating toys serves a great relief to the parents. A child today is not left only to the mercy of the education standard of his parents to acquire knowledge and gain information. He has exposure to such toys which enable him to learn ABCD even before he starts school and understanding of technology way better from the parents when he comes to age!

Current Scenario

Handmade quiet bookToys have broken boundaries of being limited to just teddy bears and doll houses. They are everywhere and in every form. The dramatic change in society over the past few decades has meant that adults are young and children are wiser and older. Children get to play with real-time educating gadgets. They learn languages and math from tablets specifically designed for the cause.

The user interface is such that the child is amused, excited and keen to learn as opposed to older days when learning was a punishment and task for many. Kids move around in minibikes and cars which was an unimaginable scenario 10 years back. Parents are broadening their horizon of providing for the kids with also keeping in mind that they also get a flavor of what they had back in their childhood. Toys like “I Spy”, “Handmade quiet bookhandmade dolls, again finding themselves in lots of kid’s playroom. A lot of households prefer finding a balance between educating children with the help of technology and making them learn things on their own with the help of creative skills.


The toys like every other thing existing in this world come bearing their own pros and cons. Even if it sounds strange but too much of indoor activity with toys will lead to a slower growth rate of children. Parents hence need to be vigil with what the toy offers to their children and whether the toys are healthy for them as well as the environment.

How much exposure is correct for the child’s current age and mental capacity? Too much exposure before the right age can have a hazardous impact on a child’s behavioral aspect. A teen exposed to wrong information and technology can result in negative outcomes in the family. Hygiene should be of utmost importance as toddlers tend to explore everything they can put their hands on. One has to realize that the children of today are no different from the children of previous ages. They still love to pretend to dress and pretend to have conversations. They still like to act and play being a doctor or a firefighter or a fairy princess. What makes them different depends on what we provide them to play and interact with.

Educational toys for kids can be good and useful gifts for kids. Certainly, they should be made the most off astray can be the one thing that creates a world of difference in a child’s life. The pros should be exploited but the cons should be firmly kept in mind as well. Hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions please let me know, I will be more than happy to answer them.








4 thoughts on “Educational toys for kids and it’s importance”

  1. Plastic has been a blessing with regards to making toys affordable and available to everyone. Once the mould is made, the throughput of production is immense.

    We have a niece & nephew stay with us regularly on a weekend, they’re tablet & computer mad with regards to gaming so we have to restrict the time they play, if not they’d never stop. That’s the trouble with online games & the number of free games available, it’s important to restrict their online time as well as looking out for dangers.

    On the other hand, as you mention, the educational apps are revolutionizing the way kids learn, there’s some excellent training available to everyone. I wish we’d had training available by clicking the mouse or tapping the screen like kids have today plus they make learning pure fun.
    Thanks for your review,

    1. Hi Simon,
      yes, the time has changed, now new generation teaching moms and dads how to use phones, new cameras or tablets.
      I know some people from an older generation who don’t want to use smart TV or smartphones. Youngsters? They would love to learn something new. In fact, they need to be smart because modern age has a lot of requests…

  2. Very informative. I miss a lot of my child toys and games, as they do not make them any more. Change of the times, I guess. I do strongly believe that children should have good educational toys. Thank you for the information.

    1. Thank you, Tim,
      Change of the time that’s for sure, but when I look back I see even nowadays some toys are coming back but in modern form. For example handmade Quiet book. I have made a few books as a gift and I saw how great it is to teach the kid and play at the same time. Same with wooden toys – you can choose from simple wooden car to wooden puzzle.

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