cheap Halloween costumes for kids

Cheap Halloween costumes for kids 2018 – Gift ideas

Hi Everyone, Halyna is here. Today we gonna talk about cheap Halloween costumes for kids in 2018. Halloween is just over a month to go, which means it is about time you begin to consider which outfit would be the best Halloween outfit for your child.

Halloween has in the past few years gained more focus with more kids embracing the spirit of Halloween by wearing spooky costumes. It has become more of a dressing competition. With children competing to own the bragging rights of the spookiest costume of the day. Chances that your child will be very happy with a Halloween costume as a gift are big. How cheerfully kids can be while attending a school Halloween party in original and unique costumes.

cheap Halloween costumes for kids 2018

Expensive VS cheap Halloween costumes for kids

Halloween costumes tend to be expensive during this period. One major thought that comes to parents mind is how to get an affordable Halloween costume that follows the spirit of the Halloween celebration. This period close to Halloween typically sees prices of Halloween costumes rise in response to demand.

Halloween costumes for kids tend to cost above $25, as many online stores increase the prices of costumes. This could be worrying about a parent trying to get a Halloween costume at a cheap price and it can be frustrating trying to check online for cheaper alternatives.

Thankfully we have done all that research for you and come up with some great Halloween gift ideas that are budget friendly. There are many things that went into our research such as quality of materials, diverse Halloween themes and more importantly pricing. One of the greatest factors is that these cheap Halloween costumes for kids are made of 100% fine materials. Some of them are made of Cotton, other of Silk or Polyester of course assuring the quality of all materials. Packages are also done excellently without fear of deformed Costumes on delivery. We are going to review 10 different Halloween costumes which cost below $20, dividing them into 2 groups of 5 costumes for girls and 5 costumes for boys.

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Girls

Girls tend to go for lighter Halloween costume such as fairy godmother, witch theme as it is more about the dress rather than putting on Masks.

1. Costume Set Witch Bat Sleeve Dress with Hat Pumpkin Bag

This Novelties witch set costume is a cheap Halloween costume for girls that use a nice simple Halloween concept. Customers can buy this product for $11.55 and the costume is made from the high-quality polyester material. Because of the shape this dress fits perfectly any figure. Cool hat and the pumpkin bag gives the costume an excellent combination making it a great outfit for a Halloween party. It can also be worn for birthday and Christmas parties, making it a nice outfit to have in your child wardrobe. You can choose from many different sizes from 4 to 15 years.

Cheap Halloween costumes for kids


2. Cute Dracula or bat dress

So a second costume has an outfit that incorporates the Dracula theme. With the wings design and two little ears, it makes a perfect and great for Halloween party concept. Your child will be outfitted in a simple stylish Halloween look at just $11.52 making it an affordable Halloween costume for Kids. Available sizes start from 2 years and up to 15.

cheap Halloween costumes for kids

3. Fairly godmother dress with a hat.

Take your kids Halloween outfit to the next level with this fairy godmother styled theme completed with a hat. Made of quality cotton and embroidery the outfit fits properly and does not cause itches or scratches for kids. It’s among one of the cheapest durable Halloween material available costing around $11.52 to purchase


cheap Halloween costumes for kids

4.Halloween Spiderella

Vampire Spider Witch Costume is inspired by a spider design. Original and at the same time simple dress is perfectly matching Halloween party. With nice embroidery fitted and quality cotton materials, this costume is an exceptional gift idea for your kid. It is budget friendly of just $19.99 for the complete set.

cheap Halloween costumes for kids

5. Black Bat Wings poncho

Do you desire a vampire-themed Halloween costume for your female child, these Black Wings fits the bill at just $10.99 so you save around 50% of the original price. This original Bat Wings are made of durable polyester. At a budget-friendly cost, your kid will be outfitted with a premium Halloween costume.

cheap Halloween costumes for kids


Cheap Halloween Costumes for Boys

Boys tend to prefer full costumes with masks favouring a darker theme of Halloween costumes, such as Ghost, Grim Reaper or Dracula.

1. Scary Ghoul Costume.

The first of the outfits in this category is made from the light and comfortable material. This is among our favourite costume for boys as it incorporates the theme of a Ghost remembers Casper the friendly ghost. Featuring a scary ghoul mask and a white hooded robe, the costume ticks all the boxes when it comes to scary Ghost themed costume. Price of $12.31 is definitely one of the bargains that you can get ahead of the Halloween.

cheap Halloween costumes for kids


2. Devilishly Daring Costume

The second of the outfits are made of the 100% polyester. It gives a spooky vibe with the kids’ entire body shrouded in a black outfit. A full-sized skull is inscribed on the shirt making your kid standout for the party. Certainly this costume is recommended for lovers of darkly themed outfits. At the costing price around $18.99, you can have a good deal.


cheap Halloween costumes for kids

3. Dracula outfit

The third outfit is a Dracula themed cloth. It can be one of the favourite Halloween outfit worn by boys every year and the trend never gets old with this costume. Made of 100% polyester kids can wear it without getting itches or scratching. At just $12.99 the Halloween costume gives a unique feel that makes your kid stand out from others with the blend of black and red colours dovetailing exquisitely

cheap Halloween costumes 2018

4. Scary Clown

The fourth outfit in this category is a Halloween outfit with a clown theme concept which is unique. Costing just $18.99 the outfit is one of the noticeable Halloween costumes which is good for children that desire the look of a clown for Halloween. Made of pure polyester the clothes do not generate itches. You can easily wash it after use without the advent of offensive odour.


cheap Halloween costumes for kids

5.Scary Grim Reaper outfit

One of our favourite Halloween theme of all time the Grim Reaper outfit. This cheap costume cost just $16.11 and includes the robe with the Grim Reaper Scythe. A spectacular Halloween outfit coming at a budget-friendly price could just be the perfect gift idea for your son.

cheap Halloween costumes for kids


So in conclusion, cheap Halloween costumes for kids can be also made of a good quality.

Above all the costumes we have reviewed are made of quality materials despite the relatively cheap prices. I do not mean to say they are absolutely perfect. But if I have to buy one expensive costumes for my daughter or two cheap one but made of quality materials, guess what? I vote for the second variant.

The 10 costumes are recommended by us as excellent gift ideas to light up your child’s Halloween. Don’t hesitate to surprise your kid on Halloween day with the perfect Halloween costume.

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  1. Halloween never gets old. And every year it just keep getting better and better. I really loved your post because it has given me an idea on where to purchase the cheapest but quality Halloween custom for my little brother. Thanks Halyna

    1. Hi Kuu,
      I am Happy to inspire you.
      Personally, I am in love with the idea of having more costumes in my daughter wardrobe :). And if they are made from quality materials what else do we want. 2018 Halloween party my daughter will be a spiderella LOL
      Have a nice day

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