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Birthday gifts for dogs – top 5 tips!

How much do you love your dog? Ever thought of birthday gifts for dogs? Do you ever ascend the heights of love a dog has to you and your family?

Dogs are mythical yet and are the best gifts from our parents. They are so important to us, they lift our spirits, help us engage in an exercise like jogging, they entertain us in racing, they guard our homes, they add charm to our lives and together we grow up into a happy family.

Yes! Dogs are sociable and charming. They were traditionally used for hunting. They are used as police companion and help in the fight against criminals. It has been scientifically established that almost every home needs a dog. They easily adapt to our routine life and perfectly fit in our homes. Since they are such a blessing to us, we cherish and love them. It is for this reason that we wish to make them feel appreciated by buying them gifts.

Below are top 5 tips for birthday gifts for dogs.

Birthday cakebirthday gifts for dogs

Birthday comes but once in a year. Can you imagine celebrating your birthday without a cake? And can you imagine the joy that always fills your heart while you cut a cake for your birthday? Dogs to swim in the same triumph. A birthday cake is among the best Birthday gifts for dogs. They need a cake to celebrate the anniversary of their birth. It is strange enough that they enjoy such events and so is you. Dogs for being animals are emotional. Though they might not be able to define the importance of birthday cakes, they will particularly learn a special treat and will strangely enjoy having the cake on its birthday.

A birthday cake will make your dog feel special. Also, the cake provides a special opportunity for your dog to acquire nutrients that are very rare in their diet. Good news is that birthday cakes can be bought online. You can choose from several varieties of cakes that are made using different ingredients and recipes. From where you are, you can buy a birthday cake on your PC or smartphone. Good enough, preparation of a birthday cake for a dog is elementary, you don’t have to be an expert in the kitchen to make your dog a birthday cake. You can prepare the birthday cake for your dog at home using our recipe. Here is the recipe for a homemade birthday cake for a dog.

Vests for dogs

Birthday gifts for dogs


Fashion and design are getting impressed in every sector of human life. Though enthusiasm is reaching greater heights in human fashion, we all can marvel at the fashion designed for dogs. Depending on your taste, you can find them in different size and designs. Also, your choice is subject to the purpose of the vest. They include;

Thermal vests – Just like we stay indoors, put on heavy clothes, and sit by the fire in times of cold climates, dogs need thermal vests. We keep ourselves warm to avoid several ailments resulting from cold temperatures. Thermal vests for dogs are designed to keep your dog warm and healthy.

Waterproof/ Windproof Vest for dogs – they are most popular in winter. Just like winter is harsh for us, it is not particularly sweet for dogs. The waterproof vest helps to keep your dog dry and healthy. They also help to warm your dog during winter and make them happy.

Reflective vests for dogs – They are designed to increase your dog’s visibility to up to 500m. They are to be won during outdoor activities.

Modern vests for dogs – They are designed in fashion with different cute stylish vests. Mainly with modern trends in daily fashion.

Pack of chew toys

Dog toys - Gift Pack birthday gift for a dog

One of the main reason why you will enjoy going out with your dog is that it will cheer you up. Dogs are active and they will always play around you. But in most cases, dogs like substances in their mouths, they might be your valuable objects.

To save your precious components from their teeth, you need to buy them a pack of chew toys for dogs. These toys have health benefits for your dogs, they include but not limited to: Prevent mouth damage- Dogs to suffer from plaque, swollen gums and tartar. Chew toys have a coarse texture that usually negates the impact of this mouth damages. Also, some of these damages result from a sharp object that your dog regularly chew, providing them with chew toys will help prevent them from getting the mouth damages. Mental challenge- a pack of chew will provide several options from which a dog decides on what to chew. Under this circumstance, their brain is challenged apart from being overly active. Dropping teeth- Teeth have a health negative impact if swallowed by your dog. Chewing toys will help them drop their teeth hence boost their health.

Hello Awin

Pet ID tags

pet ID tags gift ideas for dogs

Most cities dictate that your dog should have an ID tag. But I should think that you want to identify your dog with a peculiar identification tag. Why then not choose the tag that matches your dog’s personality. Personalized pet ID tags make your dog unique, it will make your dog stand out as peculiar. Pet ID tags are surely one of the best birthday gifts for dogs.

Dog training collar

dog training collar

Is your dog cute, right? But do you like his/her character? Do you love roaming around the town with him/her? In a choice of your dog, the behaviour is a primary factor. You always want to associate with a dog that has cool behaviour. Good news is that dogs are easily adaptive. You can use a dog training collar and completely change the personalities of your stubborn dog to cool attractive behaviour. You only need to learn some few steps on how to wear the training collar on your dog. Also, beginning to wear a training collar on your dog while he is still a puppy will give the most endeared results.

Training collars help in negating:

  • Uncontrolled run of a dog for a game.
  • Harassment of passersby.
  • Any unwanted behaviour of a dog.
  • Ignoring commands by the dog.


Since we are keeping dogs, then we probably love them. We swim in the glory of their presence in our homes, we love walking in the streets with them. Enjoying playing, cuddling and sure enough, they don’t disappoint us. Hope above 5 tips for a birthday gifts for dogs can help you to make a right decision and choose the best gift.





4 thoughts on “Birthday gifts for dogs – top 5 tips!”

  1. As a dog lover, I have 4 dogs myself, was really enjoying this blog. Hehehe never thinking about to do something on their birthdays but will change that even it’s more for my mood then for the dogs. They love any attention at any given time.

    1. Hi Tommy,
      thank you for reading my post. You are right! While making our dog happy we are making happy ourselves. Celebrating dog birthdays and giving gifts are in trend now. One of the best gifts for a dog I think is a tasty and crunchy birthday cake 🙂

  2. What a great post! We have two dogs and they certainly bring us lots of laughs and fun. I love the birthday cake idea! My children would really get a kick out of giving the dogs a cake for their birthdays.

    1. Thank you Heidi!
      Yep, everyone needs a cake for their birthday including doggies :). My next post will be about a homemade healthy Birthday cake for a dog. If you will be interesting have a look at it…

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