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TOP 10 best kids umbrellas in 2019. Great Gift Idea!

Would you like to see the Top 10 best kids umbrellas for 2019? You are at the right place!

We probably know what you may think about the umbrella as a gift as we hear you saying: „really, such ordinary thing like an umbrella, I cannot imagine giving someone an umbrella, they all look and work the same way…“.

In fact, there are so many umbrellas on the market – with different shapes, designs, from different materials and even for different occasions, which would make the rainy days much more cheerful – no matter whether it is a gift for a child or an adult.

Of course – the design is one thing, the other thing is the quality of the umbrella. Especially be aware of the opening system (for bigger children we recommend automatic or semi-automatic umbrellas, for smaller children we recommend manual umbrellas as sometimes it could be challenging to open automatic umbrella by their little fingers).
There is also essential the material the skeleton is from – steel or iron is the best as are reliable as well as flexible, so there is less chance to break the umbrella in the case of stronger wind.

Let´s now have a look at the best five boys and five girls umbrellas we have selected for you – hopefully, with an open mind; you will conclude there are great umbrellas to be considered as a perfect gift! If so, we also hope you can find some gift ideas right away in our selection!

TOP 5 Girls Umbrellas

#1 Ladybird bubble umbrella

Have you ever seen such an adorable umbrella? As the first item in our selection, we are here for you to present this cute ladybird bubble umbrella!

This long-handled umbrella is really cute and practical. Due to its „dome“ shape, it covers the whole head and shoulders of the child and it is very reliable due to it could not be reversed in stronger wind. 

It is non-automatic, however, the opening system is kind to children’s hands and fingers and it allows to be opened and closed very easily. This umbrella has only 200 grams so you can see it is even not heavy to be held by a child longer time.

This umbrella is suitable for children above the age of 2, especially as Christmas or Birthday present. It has 5 stars evaluation of former customers, which appreciates that it looks exactly as in the picture and it suits  the describtion from the producer all over.

We highly recommend such an umbrella – we assure you it will cheer your child up, especially on a rainy morning! 

If you like this kind of umbrellas, we have also great news for you – if you are not a fan of this ladybird design, there are other animal designs available: dog, bee, monkey, and owl. All are very cute and nicely coloured.

#2 3D Cartoon umbrella

This cute 3D cartoon umbrella is suitable for smaller children due to its size. It has funny ears, which makes from this umbrella original and adorable gift both for a girl and for a boy.

It is a non-automatic, long handle umbrella, but very light-weighted so your child won´t have a problem holding it longer. 

Due to the large design offer, your girl could easily turn into a little princess or you can pick some of the animal designed umbrellas as a shark or an owl. Still, you can be assured, they all look so nice!

Former customers appreciate the colors are the same as on the pictures so you should not be surprised by different colors than advertised. Due to the „dome“ shape of the umbrella, it should withstand wind as well and could cover the whole head and shoulders of the child, which is definitely a great feature.

#3 Unicorn transparent umbrella

Can you see this fantastic unicorn umbrella? The bubble umbrellas become more and more popular and we cannot wonder due to they are so practical and beautiful – as this particular umbrella surely is.

This unicorn umbrella is super cute, suitable for bigger children due to the semi-automatic opening mechanism, which is in this case not for smaller fingers.  The plastic J-handle makes it comfortable to hold.

This umbrella is supported by 8 wind resistant fiberglass ribs, transparent design allows the user to keep an eye on the surroundings while protecting himself from rain and wind. The shape guarantees also the umbrella does not reverse due to stronger wind.

The skeleton is strong enough to keep head and shoulders dry, so we highly recommend this original and practical umbrella in case you are wondering what to buy your daughter as a birthday or Christmas gift. 

Bubble umbrellas are also suitable for a wedding so if such an event comes up, we recommend to take a bubble with you, it won´t ruin your outfit and always looks so stylish!

#4 Disney cartoon umbrella

And here we come with an adorable Disney cartoon umbrella with Frozen and Mickey and Minnie design to be chosen from! If your daughter is a fan of Disney fairy tales as we are, is this umbrella a great gift idea for Christmas or Birthday.

Still is this classic shape umbrella suitable for children since the age of 6 due to the opening system, which is non-automatic. Still, former customers are satisfied with this product and appreciate even though the price is very reasonable, is this product solid enough.

The opened umbrella has 95 cm, which is enough to be covered reliably your child. The umbrella could be used against the sun as well due to UV canopy protection and is compacted, which is definitely a plus – it could be folded and stashed into the backpack in the case of no use.

#5 Animal kids umbrella

This quality and colorful umbrella is a sure thing if you consider buying something the kid would love! It is also very well evaluated by former customers. There are even 6 designs to be chosen from!

This long-handled umbrella is semi-automatic, its weight is 320 grams so it is suitable for older children more (5 age and more), there is a very solid metal skeleton, which should survive windy weather.

Don´t be worried whether you receive the umbrella in one piece as it is very well packed by producer, this is something former customers point out as well.

Top 5 Boys Umbrellas:

#1 Captain America umbrella

Can you imagine something cooler than to have at home Captain America umbrella? We don’t! There are a lot of designs to be picked from – not designs with shields only as are on the picture, but also those with Iron Man and Captain America – all looks unbelievably cool! 

This umbrella is non-automatic, is suitable as sun umbrella as well and the main skeleton material is aluminum, which guarantees the support, strength, and flexibility of this umbrella. 

All compacted umbrellas as this umbrella is could be folded and easily stashed into your bag or backpack if there is no use.

Although is this umbrella very well evaluated, as it has eight ribs only, it would not be used in case of stronger wind. Still, your kid could be thrilled with this umbrella and therefore the rainy mornings could become much more cheerful, we can guarantee you that!

#2 Pikachu cartoon umbrella

If your child is a Pokemon fan, we have something special here. This fantastic, fully automatic compacted umbrella with UV protection coating, would make a playfull day for your kid from each nasty rainy days! 

Pikachu cartoon umbrella

This umbrella has a lot of great features, besides the already mentioned UV protection, in case of rain, the umbrella dries faster due to special nano waterproof clothing. 

You can choose from 4 optional designs and colours – sky blue, navy, rose and pink. The skeleton, supported by 8 ribs, is made from aluminium and glass fibre. It has 330 grams and is suitable for children above 5 years.

#3 Fantastic inverted umbrella

You maybe heard or not about the new style of umbrellas, which are inverted umbrellas. We picked this special one to show you how great is this „inverted umbrella“ idea!

Besides is this umbrella non-automatic and long-handled, the best feature comes with stronger wind: where normal umbrella reverses and stop covering you, this umbrella not – it reverses as well, but keep the same canopy shape and you can rely it could be used further on – reversed! There is even another design on the inverted side so no worries it would look weird to use it like that!

The producer offers 7 designs of those umbrellas for children and adults as well so if you become a fan of this special kind of umbrellas, be our guest to pick some for you as well! Be aware the kids’ canopy umbrella size is 90 cm and adult size is 108 cm. It is a little bit heavier than other children umbrellas so we recommend those umbrellas for children above 7 years.

Former customers are very delighted by this umbrella, the colours look the same in reality as are presented in the pictures, also the quality of the umbrella is very good. 

#4 Color change umbrella

If you wondering what to buy for a really small child, which appreciate designs as are cars and monsters, we have a great item for you! 

This cute umbrella is suitable for really small children due to it is semi-automatic (opening is being done automatically, closing manually), is very light-weighted and could be used as a sun protector as well.

This long-handled umbrella is very well evaluated by former customers, you can choose from 6 designs in total – 3 designs are suitable for girls and 3 for boys. The producer claims the color changes in the rain, which is a very nice and original feature your child would appreciate.

The shape and the canopy size of this umbrella guarantees very reliable protection against rain. We highly recommend this umbrella for your child!

#5 Amazing Spider-man umbrella

Are you still wondering why the comic designs are popular these days? If you look on this umbrella with Spider-man, we believe, there is no wonder anymore. 

This compacted, non-automatic umbrella is so stylish, colorful and for Marvel fans a fantastic gift! Even some adults would appreciate having such an umbrella, you can bet on it!

This compacted umbrella has its skeleton from 3-section aluminum for flexibility and strength, plastic handle and 8 ribs from strong fiber for extra support. The canopy has been made from 100 % polyester pongee waterproof fabric.

You can choose from different 24 designs. Discoloring of the image is guaranteed by the producer by using the heat sublimation technique during production. 


We hope you have a great idea which umbrella will delight your kid! If you need more tips and inspiration, you can visit a website called It’s not just another e-shop like many others. Its a place where you can find some tips on how to pick up the right umbrella. As well they have a great guide on how to choose a raincoat or rain boots. The main goal of this site is to help you stay fashionable even in rainy weather by using the best rain accessories.

At this point, we are happy to provide this selection of TOP Best Kids Umbrellas in 2019. If any question or additional information needed from your side, we are here to help and advise! Kindly leave your comment below this post.

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