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Best gifts for cats. Top 5 Gift Ideas in 2019

Today we are going to talk about the best gifts for cats and how to make our kitty happy.

Ever since the idea of animal domestication impressed the human mind, cats have been among the most loved animals ever. Besides being in the family of carnivorous, they happen to be so friendly to human species. What of its cool behaviour? Cats were traditionally used as a control mechanism against rats. The manners in which they carry themselves have made them a human companion. How do you always feel when your furry friend jumps on your lap while you are relaxed watching your favourite movie? Just like we feel for our soul mates, cats have special connections to their masters as well. They always want to belong to them, feel loved and appreciated. Though their intelligence won’t make them rise above previous generations, they are aware when loved and when rejected.

Animals, unlike humans, are very sensitive to their needs, so why not be wise enough to improve your relationship with the cat you behold by walking into your home with some best gifts for cats?

Below are some good gift ideas that will undoubtedly scale your relationship with your cat.

Handmade wool cat caves

The shelter is among the primary needs for us. We live in well-built houses to shelter from adverse weather conditions. But even under the roof, we feel the need for a comfortable and soft bed for sleep. Just like we need those luxurious beds for maximum rest, cats need their comfort as well.

Wool cat caves are really one of the best gifts ideas because the wool odour and its texture naturally attract cats. The cosy wool cave will help keep your cat warm and safe in maximum comfort. All handmade wool cat caves are chemical free and made from quality and ecological sheep wool. They are as well suitable for cats with allergies or for those who are sensitive to synthetic materials.  They can be made in different designs, colours and sizes, be sure enough the taste of your cat is among them.

Entertaining toys

Entertaining toys for catsThis is another area that is vital yet confusing when it comes to choosing gifts. Though it seems fundamentally difficult to decide on what your cat would like when they can’t speak, picking a toy for your cat is dependent on some pre-established facts. One is that cats are living animals, second is that cats are overly playful and third is that cats are adaptive. You can remember how you picked the toy for your daughter or son or sibling at their tender age. Did they like the toy? If yes then go on and pick an entertaining toy for your cat.

One essential element of keeping animals is the environment they create in our homes. We keep pigeons for melodies, peacock for beauty et cetera. Apart from scaring reptiles away, cats are for interaction and entertainment. You can spend an evening playing with your cat and dissolve the job fatigue, negate the impact of stress and feel rejuvenated. While buying entertaining toys for your cat, therefore, choose both from solo play time and interactive session. Engaging cats in playing enables them to overcome diseases like overweight. It also leads to overall physical build up. Their behaviour is as well cultivated. Cats need exercise to improve on their hunting adventure.

Cat tree

gifts for catsImagine one day you find yourself living in a house without books and television when your hobbies are reading and watching. How will you feel? How do you then want to have your cat stay indoor without a cat tree? Where will he or she climb? There is nothing more pleasing than living in a convenient environment. Cats from all walk like the challenge of climbing. This is where the art of cat tree furniture thrives its purpose. They provide a climbing environment for cats. They also give the cats an environment to exercise, develop their mental abilities as well as retaining their enduring environment.

Choosing to entertain your cat should not sacrifice your personal space. As such, available space in the house should be a primary concern while choosing a cat tree. Also, the age of the cat and the features on the cat tree are common factors people consider while making a choice. Don’t forget the cost preferences.

Cat feeders

best gifts for catsThough we get enthusiastic about keeping cats, waking up early on your weekends or vacations to feed them can be really bothering. Or break from your daily routine for the same purpose. Sometimes you can be so busy in a way that you forget to feed them.

The automatic cat feeder is as well one of the best gifts for cats that are aimed at saving you from time management inconveniences while at the same time ensuring your cat gets the right amount of food at the right time. With the cat feeder, you are no longer afraid of your cat being overfed or underfed.
It takes a short period of time for cats to discipline themselves on attending meals. Cat feeders can as well save your cat from food-related ailments. Hygiene of your cat and feeding resources is heightened. This, in a particular way, improves the total health conditions of your cat.

Delicious cat food

gifts for catsThe way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, they say. We choose to dine in one restaurant as opposed to the other because of the aromas and delicacies in those preferred restaurants. Cats as well need a well-balanced diet. Just like all animals do, they have their favourite food substance. Walking home every evening with delicious cat foods will probably make you a master to adore it. It is certainly one of the ways of pulling your cat closer.

While making a choice on cat food, nothing matters more than the nutritional level of the food you are buying. They should have a good taste that will make your cat happy and nutrients that will make them healthy and endearingly attractive.


If you are keeping a cat, it means that you dearly love it. Why then not show your love to it by buying some good and at the same time a useful gift?

There is that law which is cruel yet just, that you must be punished for not growing. With the above top 5 tips on best gifts for cats, there is no punishment for your relationship with the cat is likely to face since it is going to be ever growing.















14 thoughts on “Best gifts for cats. Top 5 Gift Ideas in 2019”

  1. Wow spoiled cats! They will really love you once you give them these gifts. 🙂
    I noted the feeders for my sister’s cat, I’m sure it will be very useful for her little kitty.

    Thank you for putting these all.

    1. Hi Jam,
      thank you for reading my post! In nowadays busy life cat feeders can help us to take care of our pet properly and without stress. What can be worst then worrying about hungry cat waiting for us at home …

  2. Hi Halyna.
    This is a fantastic post.
    We are definitely cat lovers in out household.
    We have 9 precious felines lol it wasn’t the plan but couldn’t find good homes for them so they stay 🙂
    All been desexed now Phew!
    We have a giant cat tree and beds for them everywhere but we don’t have a cave.Looking into that now 🙂
    I think you are doing a wonderful job with your articles and wish you every success.
    All the best to you.

    Di 🙂

    1. Hi Diane,
      thank you very much for your time and reading my post about the best gifts for cats!
      Wow, 9 cats that is cool. I am sure you are never bored at home :). Those wool cat caves are really impressionable, personally, I love everything that is handmade or natural.
      Have a beautiful day!

  3. I must congratulate you on this wonderful website and your enthusiasm for your cats. Your cats must love you to bits. You give great advice and ideas to make the lives of cats and their owners easier to manage. Cats will love to curl up in a cat cave as yhey love squeezing into little spaces. I have had 4 cats over the last 40 years and their is nothing nicer than to have a (cat)nap with a cat curled up beside you.

    1. Hi Austing,

      thank you for visiting my site and your feedback 🙂

      If I have more time I would pamper my cat constantly. Cuddling a cat is one of the best stress-free methods (at least for me)

      With regard to a gift idea, I think one of the best is a handmade wool cat cave, nowadays it’s a big trend. Everybody loves natural and healthy stuff both for yourself and home pets. Personally, I have a good experience with wool cave and definitely recommended 🙂

      Have a beautiful day


  4. OMG I need one of those cat caves! My monster would just love it! How fun is that!!!
    The feeder is genius. Where would I go to get these products?

    1. Hi Delanee,
      thank you for your time and for reading my article.
      Everybody loves nature – cats especially and I think those natural wool caves can fulfil some of their important needs. “For cuddle cat a cuddle bed” 🙂
      Those caves are available on Amazon, the picture will take you directly to the page. Cat feeder will be useful for thouse who are busy at the daytime or love weekend travelling. My sister is a huge cat and travelling lover. Many times she used to ask her good neighbour for help, but always felt depend on someone and many weekend trips were cancelled. After buying cat feeder, she is more free, independent and knows that the cat is taken care of.
      Have a beautiful day.

  5. Those cat caves!!!! I absolutely love them!!! I’m sure any cat would too!! I love it that they are all handmade with love, and with natural wool instead of synthetic materials. The designs look fabulous too!

    I’m going to show this post to my neighbours with cats! I used to bring stray cats home myself, but not anymore as I have young kids around the house with eczema.

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