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Baby toys from 3 to 6 months

Are you searching for a good and useful gift for your sisters, friends or colleagues baby? Or maybe you are a mother who wants to know what toys can help to improve early development skills? Do you want to know what baby toys from 3 to 6 months are useful? Let’s see the stages of development each month.

4-month-old baby development. Motor skills & Sensory perception.

Did you know that the greatest child development progress happening in the 2nd quarter of the first year? If no, you are not alone because actually I didn’t know it as well and I’m a mother of two small kids. Only after doing the research for my article I found it out.

So, at the 4th month, the motor skills are developing the most. Baby can control the movements of the head. If he is lying on his back, he can turn his head on both sides. When the baby is lying on his tummy, he learns how to reach various items he sees. He can support the weight of his head and chest even if he is restrained by just one hand. In between the 3rd and 4th month of life, the baby can turn from the back to the side and gradually to the tummy. If the child does not want to turn on the side, we can help with training. We will bring the toy from the left side to the right and at the same time hold the child’s right-hand so that the toy has to be grasped by the left hand.

Better orientation in the environment promotes the development of sensory perception. Eye & hand coordination is already developed so that the child can manipulate the objects he sees and at the same time begins to distinguish faces and expressions. The child smiles more and more. One of the main emotional expression of the baby is a joyous mood and loud laughing. Only in case of some discomforts, the baby will cry. Most of the time he is constantly engaged with something and keeps an eye on the outside world.

One of the ways to promote babies development is swimming. If we talk about swimming in this development period, we do not mean to teach some swimming technics or swimming style. Staying in water for children reminds them of calm environment and safety in Mom’s belly. The gentle swing motion creates a sense of peace and security. One of the main tasks of this early swimming is to cultivate and maintain a positive relationship of the child to the aquatic environment. Any form of play in water encourages the child’s motor development and strengthens his immune system.

Toys suitable for this period:

5-month-old baby development

During this period, there is a growing number of self-developing activities. The child knows how to play in different ways. For example, grasping toys becomes intentional. A child often and very long “plays with hands” – with one hand he catches the other. As soon as the child discovers his hands and later his feet, he will start gently touching objects around him. Each “slow down” movement is a signal that the baby begins to control his movements. If we hang the toy over the baby, he will try to approach it by hands and tries to get to know the toy and recognize the shape and size.

Social relationship development:

The child follows a very close relationship with his mother and father. He distinguishes his loved ones and very seriously watches strangers. At this time baby understands some gesture and mimics of close people. While playing together we talk and describe the activities, it is good for speech development.

Developing the child motor skills:

A child should learn how to move his head in all directions and all positions while lying on the belly. We can help baby by showing a favourite toy and then moving away from the ground to let the baby raise his head to the height above the eye level. With this exercise, the baby will lean on the stretched upper limbs.

It is important for the child to practice rotation around the axis we can help by putting the toys out of reach.

Exercising side muscles. The baby usually learns how to turn from the back to the side. By crossing the legs and pushing him a bit we are helping to turn on the side.

Exercising back muscles. You have to put the baby on his belly and put in front of him a toy but it should be out of reach.

Developing sensory perception:

The child should learn to find the source of an intense and weak sound. He needs to learn how to recognize the voice of loved ones and to distinguish the different colours of the voice. For example, by singing a song we try to express the emotions by the rhythm. The child likes rhythm and intonation even though he does not understand the words. We emphasize the rhythm by performing rhythmic movements with the child – we rock him, move his hands and feet. We teach him to distinguish the character of the song for example when the song is funny, we laugh at the child and we sing loudly.

Toys suitable for this period:

6-month-old baby development

Motor skills:

Some children learn to crawl at the end of the 6th month and it is mainly with the help of hands. If they are still not used to reflect the legs, we can help them by holding one foot. When the child kicks off from you, hold the second foot near the ground. Never hold both legs at once. The child needs to set an alternative motion mechanism. The child more intensively turning, rotating and grasping toys.

Emotional manifestation:

If your baby is healthy and happy, he often smiles and laughs loudly. Especially the presence of parents gives him a sense of security. In case there are too many people around, a variety of stimuli, signals and manifestations makes impossible to establish a deeper emotional relationship.

Learning and understanding the words:

Before the child begins to develop active speech like speaking and using words he is learning words. In order to actively use a word, they must learn and create a passive vocabulary. The response to the word begins in the 6th month of life under certain conditions.

One of the best exercises is to accompany the observation with the words: clock – tik tak. If we later pronounce the “clock-tik” in the usual place and in the usual way when the child is not paying attention to the clock, it is evident that he has created a connection between the word and the object and understands it.

Developing the child’s social skills:

During this period, the child loves to play with their parents. Active playing with the kid can help to develop his positive attitude and improve the social skills. For example, if we want to play with a child we put him on our knees and show different toys. Surely he will be lured to touch and examine them. Asymmetrical toys with different size will force him to use both hands and to understand how to grab the toy.

Toys suitable for this period:

So what baby toys from 3 to 6 months are good.

Actually, it can be anything that is shiny colourful, making sound or have a different shape. Plastic figurines, sound toys, motivation pads with different images, wooden cubes, miscellaneous large containers fitting into each other, bath toys, household items (stoves, pots) cardboard. The basic prerequisite for activities with the child is his joyful and satisfied mood. Only if the child is satisfied it’s possible to develop his abilities and skills.

In case, you have some questions please feel free to contact us. We firmly believe this article answered your questions or et leased inspired you for choosing a useful gift for a baby.


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  1. Well, my kids are all grown up and doing fantastic, but your article brings back some real precious memories.

    I expect to be a Grandpa or GrandUncle sometime, maybe soon, so your info is good to know about babies development process and what toys are good for each stage.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Alexander, 

      thank you for your feedback. 

      I am very happy it reminds you of your small kids. I am mother of 6 years old girl and 10 month old boy. Still discovering what is the best for them and what are the stages of development. Each period of time we have to fulfill different needs 🙂 

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